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Vital Records & Resources

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MN Birth Index 1935>2002 ~ MN Births & Christenings 1840>1980
MN County Birth Records 1863>1983 ~ MN County Marriages 1860>1949
MN Marriage Index 1958>2001 ~ MN Marriages 1849>1950
MN Divorce Index 1970>1995 ~ MN Death Index 1908>2002
 MN Death Records 1866>1916
MN Deaths & Burials 1835>1990 ~ MN Will Records 1849>1985

Vitals Databases: Gleaned from Family Search & Ancestry

MN Data which is included with other States can be found here.
Minnesota Specific Data can be found here.

CAPass-1882-1959,BE,Car,Dak,MN   NYCtyNY-Marr1829-1940-MN
CAPass-1882-1959-HenMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-BEMN
CAPass-1882-1959-StLouMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-Car-DakMN
DAR-Line-MN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1851-79
DisAblVets-BEMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1880-89
DisAblVets-HennMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1890-99
DisAblVets-StLouMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1900-09
FAG-MN-SLO   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1910-19
Fre-NapaOb-1974-97-MN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-HennMN-1920-35
FS-Obi,Oak,Ala-MN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-StLouMN-1839-1900
HiPass-1950s,BE,Car,Dak,MN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-StLouMN-1901-10
HiPass-HennMN   NY-Pass-1909-1925-57-StLouMN-1911-35
HiPass-StLouMN   PAPrisons-1829-1971-MN
IA-ArmForcGrvReg,MN   PaysonAZ-OBits-MN
IDSE-Obits-1864-2007-MN   PPApps-MN
IL-Marr2-MN   RREmpl-BE,Car,Dak,MN
IN-DC's-1899-2011-MN   RREmpl-HeneMN
IN-Marr-1811-2007-MN   RREmpl-StLouMN
KY-Dea-1852-1964-MN   Ship-Air,BE,Car,MN,1914-66
MilHdApp-BEMN   Ship-Air-HeneMN-1914-62
MilHdApp-CarlMN   Ship-Air-StLouMN-1914-62
MilHdApp-DakMN   SoldGreatWar,MN-V2
MilHdApp-HennMN   SSA-BEMN-1936-90
MilHdApp-StLMN   SSA-CarlMN
MI-Mar-MN   SSA-StLouMN-1936-80
MI-Obits1820-2006-MN   TX-1875-1945-MN
MN-IA-Marr-1809-1992   USCemFun-CarMN
MN-Obits-1865-2006,5Sts   USCemFun-DakMN
MN-Obits-1865-2006-5Cos   USCemFun-HeneMN
MTCoMar,1865-1987,MN   USCemFun-StLou,MN
MT-Marr-1865-1950-MN   VTStAlb-MN5
MT-Marr-4CosMN   WA-Marr-1854-2013-MN
MT-Marr-Henn,MN   WASeattlePL-1890-1957-MN
Neill-1878-Mil-NA   WI-Marr-1836-1911-MN

Vitals from Newspapers [From old Hennepin Files]
Vital Records [From old Hennepin Co., GW Files]
Dayton Marriages ~ St John Baptist Church ~ Independence: Deaths
Minnesota State Databases
Birth Records ~ MN Official Marriage System ~ Death Records

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State Coordinator: Tim Stowell

Assistant State Coordinator:
Karen De Groote
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